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About Angela

I started my journey - for the love of venison and all things wild - very early in life. I grew up hunting and fishing with my amazing parents in Northern Idaho and Southwest Montana. We hunted, we fished, we gardened, we cooked.

I joined the United States Marine Corps at 17. Although I’m proud of my service, it created a distance to wide open spaces and my connection to wildlife. I loved to be in the kitchen as a child and that continued into adulthood. Raising five children, being on active duty and working full time I had to get creative! My children were my best helpers and now they all love to cook also. I'm a proud Mama!

With wide travels as a Marine I acquired tastes from across the country. I love to play with flavor and techniques, always have. Now it’s much more exciting! Back to my roots, it doesn’t get more natural, healthy, and organic than hunting for wild game, fishing in Montana’s pristine rivers and lakes, and taking it from field and stream to table.

I hear a lot of people ask, what do I do with the trout that’s brought home, the elk, the deer and antelope? Well I’m here to tell you… your options are endless! Put on your apron and let’s get started, it’s easier than you think!

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