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My Quest: About Wild Game Gourmet

I started my journey - for the love of venison and all things wild game - very early in life. I grew up hunting and fishing with my wonderful parents in the public lands of Northern Idaho and Southwest Montana. We hunted. We fished. We gardened. We cooked. It was our way of life.

I joined the United States Marine Corps at the young age of 17. My service meant that I left behind wide open spaces and the wildlife I grew up with for 20 years. Though disconnected from the wild game ways of my youth, my love for cooking blossomed and flourished. I loved to be in the kitchen as a child and that has never

changed. I wasn’t hunting and fishing, but I continued to explore in the kitchen. Raising five children, being on active duty and working full time meant I had to get creative and efficient! My children were always my best helpers. One of the things that I am most proud of as a mother is that not only do all my children know how to cook, but they LOVE to cook. ​My heart is warmed every time I get a text message asking about a recipe or showing me their latest creation!

With wide travels as a Marine I acquired tastes from across the Country. I love to play with flavor and techniques from all regions and cultures. Getting back to my roots with hunting and wild game has made it that much more exciting! With wild game cooking you can’t get any more natural, healthy, and organic. Hunting and fishing in Montana’s pristine rivers and lakes mean that my dishes are always field and stream to table.

The importance of eating healthier and knowing where my food came from was hightented during a few unfortunate phases of my life. I always prided myself on eating well, working out and doing my best to stay fit and healthy. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when I was just 30 years old. I fought hard, endured damaging treatment and won a

battle that forced me to alter my dietary and overall lifestyle forcing a lot of changes. I was cancer free for 15 years and then…it came back. Last year I was again diagnosed with cancer. A few cells had somehow survived and came back. I again went through the excruciating radiation and chemo treatments. Losing my hair, my energy and almost my gumption. My gumption prevailed. I beat cancer's ass (again) and I am currently in remission! Do you know what I craved after every chemo treatment? Venison steak and veggies. That tells me something. Listen to your body, it’s talking to you. Give it what it needs. I am currently cancer free and feeling fabulous!

I draw inspiration from so many places. My body and taste buds are number one. But I have to say a close second is attendending cooking classes locally. Nothing inspires me more than watching a trained, seasoned chef share their creativity and expertise. I always walk away with more knowledge and tools to assist me with my next creation and it’s a wonderful night out with friends and family! Along with that I love cooking shows, magazines, and reading any chance I get!

When I started hunting and fishing again and listened to people make comments about how the meat is too ‘gamey’ or ‘fishy’, so began my quest. I was determined to show people

that you can use wild game in virtually any recipe, that it's so much better for you and I guarantee it will taste delicious! Wild Game Gourmet was born. Before I started Wild Game Gourmet my personal social media was filled with my latest creation in the kitchen any way. I simply love cooking, taking pictures of the dishes and sharing them with friends and family. Wild Game Gourmet has given me a platform dedicated to my passion. It has given me a way to share with all of you in hopes of changing minds and inspiring. Put on your apron and let’s get started, it’s easier than you think!

With Love,


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1 Comment

Nancy Rae Zinn Nielsen
Nancy Rae Zinn Nielsen
Jan 22, 2021

Such a wonderful story of your background leading to your beautiful blog, Angela! Thanks for sharing it with the world, and all of us who love to cook, and enjoy the wild game!

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