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Summer Hikes AKA Prep Time!

I love to hike, always have. As spring hikes morph to summer hikes, the anticipation of fall hunting builds and builds. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SUMMER and enjoy every minute of it! Nonetheless, with every step I climb, I often ask.... will I be ready to pack out an Elk this year?

Throughout spring and summer I hike the many trails surrounding Bozeman. Often up with the roosters to hike before work. I prefer morning hikes of 3-4 miles with elevation gain. Such a great way to start the day!

Not only are daily hikes great exercise, they empower my energy and gusto! Brilliant wildflowers, busy bees and critters, spectacular views of my beloved Gallatin Valley, morning sun all blended with fresh cool mountain air....I'm telling you it feeds my being!

I'll add weight to my pack as summer progresses, training my body to carry more and more weight. Optimistic the training pays off this fall when I bag my first Elk!

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